Dr. Sam Oh & Associates Dental Clinic has 2 clinics in Campsie and Eastwood and offer the best dental services in local area.

Campsie Dental Clinic

1/8 London Street
Campsie NSW 2194

02 9718 3450 | 0411 552 987

Eastwood Dental Clinic

1/35 Railway Parade
Eastwood NSW 2122

02 9804 1054 | 0466 909 560

We go beyond in the quality of service you normally would experience at a regular general dental practice. We take the time to understand why your oral health care presents the way it does and focus on providing information to help you improve your overall wellbeing. We offer extra-ordinary dental services for your family.

dental clinic

Campsie Dental Clinic

dental service

Eastwood Dental Clinic

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Monday – Friday : 8am- 7am

Sat : 8am – 3pm

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